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Crosman M-1077 
PostPosted: Fri Jan 21, 2022 9:20 pm Reply with quote
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Hello to all;

Right after the first of the year, 2021, I came across an ad for a Crosman M-1077 with Woodstock. I had an early unit with synthetic stock 1995 -1996 as I recall, it was a really nice unit, .177 cal. 12 rd. magazine, adjustable rear sight and a double action trigger (* not semi- auto as I have sometimes seen it referred too.) It was a delightful plinker especially with the 12 rd mag. It wound up with one of my grandson’s; I vowed to pick up another someday and finally did in 2021!

The 1077 was never a powerhouse, used only one C02 12 gm cartridge but did have the multi shot 12 rd magazine, double action trigger and now in a “Woodstock” version, so I immediately ordered one@ $120.00 as I recall, along with 3 extra magazines.

After receiving the 1077 I gave it a thorough inspection, it indeed had a nice wood stock with a very dark Brown stain finish, fiber optic front sight, adjustable rear leaf type sight, safety located on trigger guard, push type. Trigger pull measured 6.12 lbs using Lyman electronic trigger gauge, not bad considering double action trigger! The magazine is, after loading, installed in a box and inserted in the bottom of the action thru the stock. There are also two leavers one on each side of the top of the receiver that are attached to the barrel that can be pushed down and the barrel slid forward to facilitate removal of a jam if needed.

I was ready for some field range testing except for one thing, I had an old “Bushnell 4 Power Scopechief Twentytwo” Scope I’ve had since the late 70s that I wanted to mount which was easily facilitated with the low profile clamp type mount on the Bushnell scope. After this I was ready for field range test. I used 2 pellets for testing, Crosman 7.9 gr PMHP and Vogel Match 8.1 gr.

The Crosman 7.9 gave high of 650 fps , and a low of 498 fps for 25 shots and average of 574 fps / 5.7 ft.lbs. The Vogel Match gave a high of 584 fps. and a low of 432 fps.for 25 shots for an average of 508 fps 4.6 ft. lbs. Accuracy was tested at 20 yards both pellets delivered 1 ½ -2 inch 5 shot groups; velocity was as expected but I was not too happy with grouping!!

I already knew that there could possibly be a problem grouping as the barrel on the 1077 is somewhat loose at the very front as it rides thru the front site, and after checking, it was easily verified!! I decided the easiest way to eliminate any movement at the front of the barrel for me, was to simply drill and tap the top of the front site for a 6x32 set screw with a nylon tip, this when tightened down onto the barrel, would eliminate any barrel movement at the front during firing (* it must be remembered that the front set screw must be loosened if one wants to slide the barrel forward to assist in removing a jam). After doing this the accuracy testing was resumed at 20 yards.

The Vogel Match now delivered 5 shot groups of .540” c-c groups, and the Crosman 7.9 gr. delivered 5 shot .880” c-c groups, a MAJOR improvement!! At this point I am completely satisfied with the Crosman 1077, a very nice accurate 12 shot repeater, and short range plinker!!

I think some of us at times forget that we don’t have to have a $400- $600 air rifle to really enjoy the sport of Airgunning, the Crosman 1077 is an example of just that for me!! BTW I have a CD for sale that has 57 different articles on various airguns if anyone is interested.


Garey Q. Hindman
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Crosman M-1077 
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