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Quick question on the Daisy 499 
PostPosted: Fri Jun 22, 2018 8:18 pm Reply with quote
Wm Cook
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New Member
Joined: 22 Jun 2018
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I've had a couple of the Daisy 499's for the past few years and but haven't shot them for about a year. At the beginning using stock sights I could put 5 shots easily through one large hole at 10meters with rifle 1. I switched off to a scope to shoot starlings at about 7 meters and just found that I didn't have enough power to kill them.

I took the scope off and put the stock peep sight back on and I was again back to shooting dots. Clearly one rifle shot better than another. Rifle two shot 5 in about .25" and the other shot better.

All accuracy shooting was off a bench inside a building. I am a center fire 6PPC bench rest rifle so I know how to put 5 shots under .099 at 100 yards. So I can repeat that with an accurate 10 meter air rifle.

So coming back from about a year of them sitting in the safe I have problems getting either to shoot better than a pattern. Probably around an inch at 10 meters.

Trigger creep on rifle one changes daily. At time there is zero creep and in the same 5 / 10 shot groups shot it'll settle back into normal creep and a crisp trip. On the other rifle I have a consistent coarse creep that breaks cleanly.

One other note. Rifle one was modified from the beginning with a stock extension to fit an adjust and get my eye to the proper distance from the sight to focus properly at 10 meters. It was a fun adult 10 meter air rifle.

Three simple questions.
[list=]Why would accuracy depreciate dramatically on the two rifles. Is there a place to oil the plunger. Light bulb just lit in my head that I should chrony each rifle to see of that's the problem.
Second question: is the trigger pull that erratic on other 499's?
And maybe a third questions. Are there any accuracy modification tips floating around for the 499.
I have a spare tube that I could put in thinking that it might help.
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2018 1:19 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 08 Jun 2013
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Location: Madison County Georgia
First thing to check with any drop in accuracy in the 499 is the shot tube. The gun was designed to be accurate at 5 meters.

What kind of ammo are you shooting. Off the shelf BB's are very irregular. We shoot ball bearings in competition.

You don't want to add oil to any point on the gun. If you have a drop in pressure it's better to remove the plunger, clean and re-oil. I use synthetic motor oil. It doesn't thicken over time like some others. Depending on the year the gun was made if you've never tore it down and cleaned it you'll find that daisy used a really thick grease that turned to glue if it ever got hot, left in a car or in the sun. The oil they're using now is much better but I still tear down and clean every new one that goes through my hands.

When you tear it down, the plunger head will be either white or black.
If its black you have a heavy spring model. Daisy experimented with the heavy spring in the early 2000s and found that increased pressure destabilized the bb. I have some heavy spring guns that shoot well, and some I had to replace the plunger assembly on.

You can find a power point take down guide here.
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Quick question on the Daisy 499 
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