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BSF S60 # 1418 
PostPosted: Sat Nov 21, 2015 9:45 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 15 Jan 2008
Posts: 2998
Location: Coalmont, BC
First, a little history.... I grew up shooting airguns, first a Daisy 500 shot lever action BB gun, then a Diana "youth model".... Never shot after I moved to Burnaby at age 15 until after University, and then got involved in .22 Indoor where I got my Silver Shield, and during the early 70's I got the itch for another airgun.... I longed over a BSF S60 in .177, which was the most powerful airgun of its day, but could never afford one, so I settled on a Slavia 620, which had nearly the power at a fraction of the price.... I still had that when I got back into airguns when I retired to Coalmont in 2007, and took my first Grouse with it.... I've always wanted that S60, and I knew that Brent (lauchlin) had a few, so a while ago I approached him about getting one.... We made a deal, and he was going to come up to Coalmont with it, but never got around to it.... A short time ago, I contacted him again, and he said "it's in the mail.... my compliments".... Shocked .... It arrived today, and I can tell you I was like a kid at Christmas when I opened the box....

The gun is gorgeous.... Yeah, it shows signs of being nearly as old as I am, but it is all there, except for the lock screw for the pivot bolt, but my junk box provided a suitable replacement.... I spent a while cleaning the barrel, put a few drops of oil on all the pivots and in the spring chamber, drew a deep breath and cocked it for the first time.... The initial force was low, final force moderate, but it cocked smooth as silk.... I loaded up a 7.8 gr. JSB Express, and put the first shot downrange through the Chrony.... at 601 fps.... Disappointed, I loaded another.... 683.... one more.... 695.... and it settled in there for a couple dozen shots as I enjoyed just how smooth and quiet this 50+ year old gun was.... No grinding during cocking, no twang, no leaping around when you shoot it, just a solid, and very quiet, THUMP.... I put a couple of drops of RWS Air Chamber Oil down the port, cocked it a few times to distribute the oil, got one smoky shot at about 675, another at about 720, and after a few more it settled in at 705, with an ES of about 1%.... While that is down on power from what they are capable, it is such a sweet shooter I am in awe of it.... I may or may not tear it down to check the (leather) piston seal and fit a new spring (Maccarri apparently has replacements)....

There are matching Serial Numbers on the bottom of the barrel and the bottom of the breech block, and they read (an upside down v) 1418.... I would think that places it as one of the very early examples.... It has "Mod.S60" on the left side of the barrel block, the BSF Logo on the top rear of the air chamber and the butt plate, and the words "MADE IN GERMANY WEST" in very small print stamped on the left side of the air tube, near the back, just above the stock.... Out of curiousity, I would like to know what year it was made.... If anyone knows, or can point me where to find that information, I would appreciate it....

Brent, thanks for making my childhood dream a reality.... you have no idea what it means to me.... Cool


Dominion Marksman Silver Shield - 5890 x 6000 in 1976, and downhill ever since!
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 22, 2015 11:40 am Reply with quote
Joined: 31 Mar 2008
Posts: 4382
Location: Waseca, Minnesota, USA
Weihrauch bought BSF, and Weihrauch is still around to ask the question. Couldn't hurt.

I am very happy for your good fortune.

¡Listo! ¡Apunte! ¡Fuego!
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 03, 2016 11:08 pm Reply with quote
psg shape of a gun, this is where.
BSF S60 # 1418 
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